Tuesday, August 08, 2017

You Should've Majored in STEM

Art History PhD candidate learns the vitally important lesson of:

"Go STEM or go home."

She could have benefited from Worthless.


YIH said...

Another video you did: Oz Request-Shipping Container Homes for Minimalists. Here's another perspective on that: Picture yourself living in, well, that office you use to do your videos, only that's your whole house or apartment. Your bathroom is a shower stall with a toilet in it. Your kitchen is two cabinets, a small sink/two burner cooktop, a mini-fridge, and a microwave. IOW, a camper/motor home kitchen and bathroom, and that takes up one wall of your office.
Who lives like that? Most Japanese. Forget everything you've seen in anime, that's bullshit, few Japanese live in a single family detached home, most live in an apartment just like I've described. And for the equivalent of $1000-2000 per month rent. That might be OK for yourself or you and your girlfriend, have kids (I know, you won't) but not have more space. And you wonder why the Japanese avoid marriage and families?
If you were to live in Japan, that's how you'll be living, oh, by the way, no central heat, a space heater. Before you say ''I'm worth blah, blah, blah, I won't have to live like that!'' How many (US$) digits in that net worth? Seven? Sorry, not enough, try eight. Yeah, those single family homes you see in anime do exist and are (by US standards) really expensive. Ever hear of a 100-year mortgage? No seriously, not only is the property handed down from generation to generation, but so is it's mortgage.

A Texan said...

Even STEM degrees, particularly biology and chemistry, are not really great bargains anymore. Even engineering is questionable. Until the federal government kicks out H-1's and greencard holders, none are really worth the money.

Anonymous said...

Well that was 4 pages of BS. Pretty wordy could have been said in half a page

Anonymous said...



GregMan said...

While I almost feel sorry for this broad, it's obvious she's just another SJW idiot. She uses "they" and "their" when referring to the evil Dr. Mao, probably because she cannot bring herself to type "him". Also, the great revelation that was stolen from her PhD. has to do with "gendering" in Art History. So, f*ck her. Academia is better off without yet another SJW twat.

Jim Scrummy said...

To her credit she knows her degree is worthless, and states it in the first post, I believe.

Anyway her experience isn't unusual. My personal experience earning my Master's in a STEM field was a tiny bit similiar. The new head of the program where I was earning my Master's gave me a hard time about my thesis, saying it didn't have enough research. He said he had already consulted on the program with the managers, and based on my thesis subject my research was lacking and dated. So, I pulled my trump card on him and told him I had consulted with the originators of the program my thesis was based on, not the managers such as he was consulting with currently, and the originators had already read my thesis and wanted to use it as a template (with modifications, plus I would get paid) for the program. I gave this prof a cup of STFU, because he was full of excrement and he passed me and I received the Master's degree. The other people on my committee thought my paper was great, and wanted to use it too (and did) for a case study. The department head was asked to step down a few years later. Interesting?

It was a goal of mine to earn a Master's degree, I did. I am proud of the accomplishment. But, I do tell the youngins I work with, a Master's is not needed in our career field. Save your money and time. Start your own business, is a better route.

Anonymous said...

I think it's naive to think that this couldn't or hasn't happened in ANY major or field. I'm sure her story is "just another Bronx tale" in just about any industry. Granted, in Cappy's (or any other self-employed person's) case, he doesn't have to worry about b.s. like this. Many aren't as lucky.

Pat Haney said...

In addition to pestering all the young people I talk to with copies of Worthless, I'll pass this sad story along with a lesson. One learned the hard way. To Wit:

"There is nothing more dangerous than a 50-something at stasis, seat warming, or otherwise ensconced in any organization. Especially if you are in their chain of command. They aren't your friend, they aren't your mentor. And they will absolutely throw you under the bus and/or poach your action to keep them ensconced where they are" It's an original quote, free to use.

I've seen this time and again. Happened to me and a friend of mine on my team. I went under the bus, he got poached, we all got laid off. The one "peer" that was left was a technological lightweight that had become the boss' houseboy - filling the role of the secretary he lost years before.

JK Brown said...

That was a rabbit hole

But at least this bit of truth

"I remember thinking that my integrity was more valuable than a Ph.D., anyway. And I mean that quite literally: outside the confines of academia, a humanities Ph.D. is relatively (and by that, I mean, monetarily) meaningless."

But as Nassim Taleb points out in his 'Anti-Fragile', the college education, meaning the liberal arts, does help one become a polished dinner partner.

"Education has benefits aside from stabilizing family incomes. Education makes individuals more polished dinner partners, for instance, something non-negligible. But the idea of educating people to improve the economy is rather novel."
--Taleb, Nassim Nicholas. Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder

Anonymous said...

Some people should just go home period. About a week ago I came across some of the shittiest code I've ever seen in my life. So I was going to chew the ass of whoever committed it. Imagine my shock when she had already been fired. Here is her instagram: https://www.instagram.com/feminismtech/ What I really wanted was to know which university she went to. So I found her blog, and she graduated from an all female "academy" https://hackbrightacademy.com/courses/fellowship/ If you see this place on anyone's resume avoid them like the plague. It seems like this place would be in violation of some anti discrimination laws, but fuck all the dick swinging whiteys I suppose.

Anonymous said...

After careful consideration I think I'll help islam overthrow the cultural marxists. https://lesbianswhotech.org/ I'm pretty sick of this oppressed victim that does a really poor job of competing with men theme, because they're victims first, activists second, and down around ten they can write a little code if they aren't triggered.

Jason said...

Academia apparently never taught this woman how to use pronouns correctly. I'm sure she'll be a very hip barista.

Nitpicunt said...

Ominous how she concentrates on her feelings all the time without worrying too much about the fate of the History of Arts as such, which she supposedly loves more than living people.

Also how she obsesses over getting the PhD and following her "career" at school. If you have worked for 7 years and the knowledge and improvement you attained wasn´t worth the sweat, a PhD can´t save you.

What is most disgusting though: "The calls coming from postcolonial studies and gender studies articulate a radical paradigm shift within academia. This paradigm shift necessarily entails an entirely new epistemology that is, in many ways, completely foreign to our incredibly smart and hard-working professors."


"...But you are also inheriting the power, ability, and responsibility to change things." All this after she´s been there, got her chance to drop the PhD(or just find another university to do it at) and then really try to change things. But she went along, closed the deal with the faculty - give us your soul & we´ll give you a piece of paper with PhD on it, there you´re ours for life.

And here we are reading a crying story with funny fake names and theys instead of hes and shes in order to hide even the sex of the thief. But it´s always "you" who inherit the responsibility after she went through the terrible stress & got her PhD for or from a fraud.

How can you even want a PhD under those conditions?

jon spencer said...

Seems to me that she should have had a lawyer hired as soon as paragraph 3.

Faithless Cynic said...

You can draw another conclusion from this sad fucking story. No matter what you do for a living, have a side gig as a backup. I bought rental houses while working for credit card banks. Today, I no longer work in banking but kept the rentals. The rentals kept me fed when I was underemployed.

98abaile said...

Why can liberals not be succinct? I just want the facts not a detail account of all the emotions she felt.

Tucanae Services said...

Cappy, majoring in STEM would not have helped her. Even in STEM PhD's are making less than those with equivalent MS's. In STEM the reality is that the only folks with PhDs work for Corps on deep think research and that field is very thin job wise. And a STEM PhD for academia? Pleeeeeeze that would be a waste unless this person was an Einstein.

Tucanae Services said...

My biggest curiosity is why she did not lawyer up soon after the pronouncement that 'her degree was worthless anyway'. At that point she was free and had nothing to lose by going after the bastard. Fact is she might have been able to get the underlying university to pay her back for all the time and money spent.